5 Smart Tips for Maintaining Children’s Health at School

5 Smart Tips for Maintaining Children’s Health at School
5 Smart Tips for Maintaining Children’s Health at School

Children’s health should be a priority for parents, especially a mother. Health care for children is not only carried out in the home and surroundings but also in the school environment. Even though it is far from reach, as a parent, you can still protect the child’s body from the school environment that is prone to the spread of disease. Here are smart tips so that your child is always healthy, both at home and especially at school. To know more about recreation you can visit this site kelilingkota

Giving Supplies to Drink

A child is very easily tempted to buy colored and sugary drinks, such as syrup or fizzy drinks. Drinks like this are definitely not healthy for a child’s body. Especially if the drink contains dyes that are harmful to the body. Therefore, provide children with sufficient mineral water or homemade fruit juice. Give understanding that colored drinks like that are not healthy and can make them sick. If you want to drink syrup, preferably at home, so you can control the level of sweetness that is suitable for children.

Provide a variety of foods

Sometimes, a child prefers to buy food at school, even though it is not healthy, because in the house the food provided is the same. Therefore, you must be good at providing varied and nutritious foods. Being creative in the form of food is also highly recommended so that children are more interested in eating at home than buying at school. Of course the shape that you create is according to the pleasure of the child. For example, children love trains. So, make food in the shape of a train. That way, the child will be excited to eat while at home.

Limiting Pocket Money

Currently, many schools have implemented regulations about not being allowed to bring pocket money. This must be supported by parents. You do not need to give the child an allowance. However, for schools that do not apply this kind of regulation, it’s a good idea to limit your child’s allowance. Because the excess pocket money encourages the child to be consumptive by buying various foods he wants even though it is not healthy. Adjust the nominal pocket money according to your needs.

Provides Vitamins

So that the child’s body is healthy while undergoing all activities at school, give him vitamins. Not only healthy, vitamins can also make the child’s body have excellent stamina even though he has to take a series of courses or extracurriculars after school. Currently, there are many vitamins on the market. Make sure the vitamins you give are really in accordance with the needs of the child’s body.

Give an Understanding of the Dangers of Snacking Carelessly

Giving a ban on children today is not easy. Prohibition is like a challenge that needs to be tried. Therefore, as a parent, you should not just give a ban, without giving them understanding and explanations. Give the most appropriate and reasonable reason why snacking indiscriminately is very dangerous for health. In this case, you can take the example of advertisements on television, where many children have diarrhea. From this ad, you can insert an explanation that diarrhea is caused by snacking carelessly. Or, you can also take the example of children in your neighborhood who have diarrhea. Seeing a real example like this, automatically the child will be compelled to follow your advice, even though he is at school.

Those are some tips that you can apply to maintain the health of children at school.

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