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Women’s Health

December 8, 2022 jimmy 0

We have a fully comprehensive Enhanced Breast Screening unit, catering for all patients wanting breast imaging, whether routing or symptomatic. Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t just about having energy for the day ahead, it has real effects on your health. As a result of GDPR regulations, WUTH staff will need to register (or re-register once again) their details in order to gain access by having a valid email account.

Some also called for paid leave categories to be expanded to properly recognise the time needed to attend certain appointments for female-health conditions, and to recover from female reproductive surgery. Women felt that, at times, healthcare professionals acted as a barrier that prevented them from accessing the relevant services or treatment. Better education and training of healthcare professionals as service and treatment gatekeepers. 18% of respondents aged 80 or above said they have enough information on the specific health … Read More

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Womens Health Magazine Subscription

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We know that awareness of symptoms including what is considered ‘normal’ can be low, and that women may not always be aware of the treatment and support available for common health needs such as menstrual health or fertility. There is also some evidence that the level of awareness of different conditions varies among medical professionals and wider society. The provision of women’s health care services across the UK, is varied and stretches across the acute sector, primary care and the independent sector. Nurses are engaged at all levels of care from identification of conditions to specialist clinical nurse apecialists who focus on an area of practice such as menopause, endometriosis or early pregnancy care.

For generations, women have lived with a health and care system that is mostly designed by men, for men. I would say that the gold standard treatment is surgical for those patients who are able … Read More

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Womens Health Information & Support Centre

October 29, 2022 jimmy 0

The menopause is often misunderstood, and it isn’t talked about enough. Many doctors haven’t been fully trained in the menopause and its treatments, so women can sometimes feel their symptoms aren’t identified correctly − or just aren’t taken seriously. For many women there is no increased risk of breast cancer, such as if they are under 50, if they only need oestrogen, or if they are taking a more modern form of progesterone known as micronised progesterone. There are also women who enter the menopause earlier than they otherwise would have done due to treatments they have received for other conditions such as Endometriosis or cancers. If you experience symptoms earlier between 40 and 45, it is referred to as the early menopause.

In the UK, the National Health Service is the umbrella term for the 4 health systems of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Because healthcare is devolved, … Read More

6 Ways to Maintain Women’s Health

6 Ways to Maintain Women’s Health

October 17, 2022 jimmy 0
6 Ways to Maintain Women’s Health

Women’s health is slightly different from men’s health. Various health problems can be experienced by women more often than men.

If you are a woman, it’s a good idea to start maintaining health with a healthy lifestyle, especially as you get older.

These are six easy things women can do every day to maintain their health.

Healthy diet

Women always crave the ideal body weight. Diet is one way that is often done by women to maintain their weight. Donald Novey, Physician of Medicine Advocate Medical Group in Park Ridge advises women on a diet to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables while limiting processed foods.

Eat whole grains and high-fiber foods, fish, and poultry, and eat less meat. In addition, to help avoid osteoporosis, you can consume low-fat dairy products to meet your calcium intake. Avoid foods and drinks that are high in calories, sugar, salt, and fat. … Read More

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Ega Institute For Women’s Health

October 9, 2022 jimmy 0

We know that there are significant inequalities between different groups of women in terms of access to services, experience of services and health outcomes. We also know that, when women do seek help for health problems, they do not always feel listened to or their concerns taken seriously. We are determined to place women’s voices at the centre of their health and care, both at the level of individual patient–clinician interactions, and at the system level. The Women’s Health Strategy for England will set out an ambitious and positive new agenda on women’s health, with women’s voices at the centre. We are launching this call for evidence to inform the priorities, content and actions within the Women’s Health Strategy. This exercise will ensure that the strategy is evidence-based and reflects what women identify as priorities.

Supporting the one in ten women of Wales that suffer with endometriosis with effective and … Read More

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Vaginal rejuvenation FAQS

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Many of us are aware of the way our intimate sound looks. Most of us have a huge quantity of dark spots around our v-zone. How do we not like a darker space around our intimation? That is why most of us go through intimate bleaching or vagina rejuvenation to improve our area.


Women can enhance their intimate areas with vaginal rejuvenation. These areas may change over time. These techniques will increase your confidence and make you happier when you have sex.

What is crucial? 


As our bodies change throughout our lives, so do their structure and intimate parts. The bodies of women undergo continual changes. These external and internal changes can impact the appearances and sensations of women’s bodies.


Some disorders don’t require a particular age limit. Many women experience discomfort with their sexual intercourse, including itching and vaginal tone. Vaginal revitalization can address all of

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Women’s Health Concern

September 18, 2022 jimmy 0

Such research opportunities would be enhanced by ensuring diversity and support for women in research career pathways. We also heard from a small number of respondents who self-reported as health or care professionals and echoed these reflections. They called for more diversity in the research profession and career support for women researchers. How did you think your health condition or disability or the health condition or disability of the woman you have in mind impact yours or their experience in the workplace?

We support women who are living with anxiety, depression stress-related illness and those who are feeling isolated or simply in need of a listening ear. Women’s Health is the UK’s number-one authority on health and wellness. It leads the charge in empowering and championing its consistently growing audience of intelligent, affluent, successful women to achieve a smarter, fitter, happier lifestyle. Buy a single copy of WOMENS HEALTH or … Read More

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Womens Health Resources

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Most women with endometriosis are diagnosed between the ages of 25 and 40. The different stages in a woman’s life present both health challenges and opportunities. Whether you’re starting your period, choosing contraception, planning for pregnancy, or managing menopause symptoms, there’s support available. The Scottish Government has produced a Women’s Health Plan aiming to reduce health inequalities for women and girls. Breast cancer is the leading cancer killer among women aged 20–59 years worldwide .

High-quality information and education is essential for supporting women to stay healthy throughout their life, and to be empowered in making decisions about their health – for example, on treatment options for a health condition. It is also essential that healthcare practitioners can access the necessary information to meet the needs of the women they provide care for. I believe there is an opportunity to take a much more holistic approach to women’s More

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Understanding Pure O

August 15, 2022 admin 0

What is Pure O?

Pure O is the term for the mental health condition Purely Obsessional, which is a form of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).  Like OCD Pure O is a condition that causes unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as compulsions. 

However, unlike OCD the compulsions do not result in physical repetitive actions but occur in their head as repetitive rituals.

Whilst we all sometimes have strange or disturbing thoughts, we generally think nothing more than “that’s weird, why did I think that?” then dismiss it. 

With Pure O, because of the disturbing nature of these thoughts you start to obsess over them and are unable to dismiss them.  In Pure O thoughts centre around subjects such as:

·      Sexual thoughts, which can be related to sexual orientation, thoughts of sexual violence or paedophilia

·      Physical harm, to yourself or others,

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Womens Health Magazine Subscription

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From fitness to nutrition, skin to mental wellbeing, our hand-picked group of highly-skilled professionals cover all areas of holistic wellness. The Scottish Government has produced a Women’s Health Plan aiming to reduce health inequalities for women and girls. Staying healthy and safe during your pregnancy is important for you and your baby. Is a great guide to pregnancy, labour and birth, and early parenthood up to 8 weeks. Finding out you’re pregnant can be daunting at any age, especially if the pregnancy wasn’t planned, but there is lots of help and support available to ensure your pregnancy is safe and healthy.

If you have a heart condition, for example, some types of contraception may suit you better than others. One in three women in the UK have an abortion at some time their lives. In Scotland anyone of any age, who is pregnant, can get an abortion. It’s important to … Read More