Extra Vitamins

While vitamins E and K are relatively unhazardous, vitamins A and D can have toxic results if overconsumed. All the identical, some proof indicates that multivitamins could reduce your risk of cataracts, one other quite common eye disease . Research reveals hyperlinks not only between poor temper and nutrient deficiencies but additionally between multivitamins and higher temper or decreased depression symptoms . The Physicians’ Health Study II noted that long-term, every day multivitamin use decreased the chance of cancer in men with no most cancers historical past.

In fact, the proof that they improve health for most people is weak and inconsistent. Another danger is faulty manufacturing, which can trigger multivitamins to harbor a lot bigger amounts of nutrients than supposed . For instance, an excessive amount of iron could be dangerous for people who don’t need it . Pregnant ladies must be particularly cautious with their vitamin A consumption, as excess quantities have been linked to birth defects .

Alternatively, taking high doses of non-synthetic vitamin K seems to be relatively innocent, which is why an higher intake stage (UL) has not been set for this nutrient . For example, taking very high doses of vitamin B6 can result in doubtlessly irreversible nerve harm over time, whereas taking giant amounts of niacin — typically in extra of two grams per day — can cause liver harm . However, taking megadoses of some water-soluble vitamins can lead to doubtlessly harmful unwanted side effects. Because water-soluble vitamins aren’t stored but quite excreted through urine, they’re much less prone to cause issues even when taken in high doses.

  • Night blindness and very dry, rough pores and skin may point out a scarcity of vitamin A.
  • Other signs of attainable vitamin A deficiency include decreased resistance to infections, defective tooth improvement, and slower bone growth.

The thirteen recognized vitamins are divided into 2 classes — fat-soluble and water-soluble . Vitamin A – This fats-soluble vitamin is usually found in carrots and other similarly pigmented greens. Also known as a carotenoid, it’s recognized to be good for your eyes and assists in combating persistent diseases.


Still, it had no effect on the chance of demise in the course of the research period . One evaluation examined 5 randomized, controlled trials in 47,289 individuals. It discovered a 31% lower risk of cancer in men who took multivitamins however no effect in ladies .