Fitness Tips

You’ll push each other to stay on track and have someone who’ll sympathise when the going gets tough. If no-one springs to mind, then join a local club or online community and you’ll make a whole bunch of new friends that share your interest. When you start on a fitness kick, it’s tempting to exercise every day while motivation is high. This is a bad move, and one that will see your enthusiasm burn out within weeks, because you’re always knackered and won’t see the massive improvements you expect for your Herculean efforts. You’re not giving your muscles the time they need to recover and grow.

From exercise hacks to help you get the most from your workoutsto tips on how to keep fit while on the go, there’s great advice and ideas here no matter what your fitness level or lifestyle. Read on for how to keep fit the royal and celebrity way, and discover their healthydietsalong the way for inspiration. Many definitions of fitness also mention health, as being fit usually does promote a healthy lifestyle. However, fitness is about meeting the needs of the environment and is personal to each individual.

Exercise has many physical and mental health benefits but there are some misconceptions that can get in the way. Daniel Craig, Senior Physiologist at AXA Health, addresses some common myths so you can re-think or relax about your exercise regime. When this agreement ends, membership status and all member benefits end unless the block is renewed. Remember this is a rough timeline, continuously assess your horse’s performance and recovery time, making amendments where needed. Each horse is an individual and must be thought of as this when devising a fitness programme.

​If you have issues with anxiety or are new to fitness classes there is no need to worry as no one else can see you once the class gets started, only the instructor. ​The instructor can see you, guide and support you through the class making sure you are safe and feel good. You will feel part of the community exercising with like minded people. Aqua Silver Exercise Classes -The Oasis swimming pool at Queen Alexandra Hospital holds a group called ‘Aqua Silver’.

You can self-refer to this programme of water based exercises and classes are for anyone with a musculoskeletal condition, such as RA. Active Nation – Exercise and group activities across varied locations including Bitterne leisure Centre, Chamberlayne sports centre, Woodmill outdoors activity centre and The Quays swimming complex. All Monthly 10 members will receive membership status – an automatic 5% discount on all retail products and the ability to make advanced bookings. The first time you try an exercise it’s very hard, but at least quite novel. The second time the novelty is gone, and it’s still hard, leading to the temptation to quit.