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We operate a quick turnaround – usually, it won’t take more than 2 working days to set up your health insurance policy after your initial quote, so you can get the cover you want when you need it. Most health insurers charge you more for health insurance plans if you live in or around major cities like London. Everything we do here at Freedom Health Insurance is about making things simpler, so you can make the most of what matters to you.

Again, a comprehensive policy is more likely to cover these areas. Most policies cover the costs of inpatient treatment , including tests and surgery. No, you shouldn’t need to have a medical to get health insurance. You’ll normally just have to fill out a medical history form, and your provider will do the rest. These will help determine whether you’ll be offered a quote, and how much you’re likely to pay for your health insurance.

Your address can also make a difference, as treatment can be more expensive in some part of the UK than others, and it might pay to travel further afield for care to keep costs down. Private works in exactly the same way as any other domestic insurance policy you most likely already have in place for your home or your car. ‡With Bupa full cancer cover, there are no limits on how long your treatment lasts or how much it costs, for as long as you have Bupa health cover. If you set a maximum benefit limit, either for each policy year or the full length of time that you’re with us, we’ll cover eligible costs until you reach your limit. You must use a hospital or health centre from the Bupa network and a consultant that we recognise and charges within Bupa rates (a fee-assured consultant).

Buying health insurance can be daunting and we understand how important it is for you to feel confident you have the cover that’s right for you and your family. It takes away the lengthy delay often experienced by those needing treatment and means you don’t have to put your life on hold or face a worrying wait. The costs of quarantine hotels are not covered by an EHIC or GHIC, as the UK considers these hotels to be a public health measure, not medically necessary state-provided healthcare. It may not cover all health costs and never covers repatriation costs. ‡‡Access to eligible breakthrough cancer drugs and treatments often before they are available on the NHS or approved by NICE as long as they are evidence-based.

Once you’ve chosen the right product for you, you’ll need to complete an application. In it, your insurer will ask you some fairly detailed questions about your health. There is also the option of using an independent adviser, who can look at a wide range of insurers and make a recommendation based on your particular circumstances. If your claim doesn’t pan out as you expect, or you feel that your insurer has treated you unfairly, don’t be afraid to complain. The one thing it doesn’t do is provide a regular income, which income protection does. Meanwhile, as you get older, and are considered more of a health risk by the insurance industry, your premiums will rise – making it tougher to find a cheaper deal.

The main difference is that Limited lacks outpatient consultations, diagnostic tests, therapies, non-surgical treatment and outpatient mental health treatment, which come as standard with ‘Full’. Members that own private health insurance and have made a claim within the last five years. Members can see how five insurers – Aviva, AXA PPP, BUPA, Saga and Vitality Health- fared in our analysis of their service. These are illustrative quotes obtained from the insurers’ websites in September 2021.