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Health insurance covers the cost of private healthcare for conditions that develop after your policy has begun. Get peace of mind when living and working abroad, knowing that your health is taken care of. Five levels of cover, including comprehensive cancer cover and repatriation benefit are only a few of the benefits offered by our international health insurance plan. And when you return to the UK, you can usually seamlessly switch to our Freedom Elite health insurance plan without additional exclusions. We understand how important it is to have a health insurance plan that you can rely on when the worst happens.

Both of our health insurance policies – Treatment and Care and Comprehensive – offer flexible excess options, where you can either choose £0, £100, £150, £200, £250 or £500 online. The best health insurance policies are clear about the exclusions. Most private health policies exclude emergency treatment, maternity care, cosmetic surgery, and treatment for chronic or pre-existing conditions. If you have any pre-existing conditions, then please bear in mind that most health insurance policies, whoever the provider, won’t cover you for those conditions. Health insurance is intended to treat new conditions, which occur after your cover has started.

Many insurers exclude pre-existing medical conditions, instead focusing on conditions that respond quickly to treatment. The comparison excludes any special offers or promotions which may temporarily alter the cover offered. Neither party accepts any liability for errors, omissions, direct or consequential loss in relation to this comparison. Alongside our health insurance, we offer a health cash plan, which allows you to spread the cost of some of your everyday health expenses for a regular, monthly premium. If you’re leaving or have left your current employer and are worried about your health insurance cover ending, then call us today. We can talk through the options available for you and your family.

Speedy diagnostics– as the name implies, in the main, this cover ends once a condition has been diagnosed. It pays for prompt access to tests, scans and hospital charges whilst a condition is being investigated. We selected no excess, but did select a waiting time where offered.

Depending on the country you visit you may be expected to pay all or part of your bill upfront and then claim a refund afterwards. If the letter from your university or college does not include your permanent residential address in the UK, you will be asked to provide further evidence to confirm this. If you started your course after 1 January 2021, or you’re planning to study in an EU country, you’ll need to apply for a Student GHIC. You will not be able to use this card for treatment in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein unless one of these countries is your country of study. Save 10% for every additional vehicle you add, registered at the same address.

We’ll give you peace of mind that you can get the help you need. If you are an international student with a Student Route visa, you will have paid an ‘immigration health surcharge’ as part of the visa application process. This payment grants you access to NHS services from the day that you arrive up till the end-date of your visa. This website aims to help you understand more about what your options are, why people buy it and how it works, so that you can make an informed choice when you buy a policy.

If you’re already covered by our and you need to make a claim, we’ll make sure it’s as smooth as it can be. Take out a new health insurance policy with us, and we’ll guarantee your premiums won’t increase at first renewal if you haven’t made a claim that’s reduced your no claim discount level. Even if you have access to free NHS care, health insurance can help you feel more in control of when, how and where you’re treated. That’s faster access to the diagnosis, treatment and aftercare you need, and the comfort of an en-suite room. You choose the healthcare benefits you need and pay a premium.

The spread of coronavirus has not – at the time of writing – resulted in major changes to the availability or cost of private health insurance. We also offer access to physical and mental health services, including 24/7 GP and Mental Health helpline, quick access to diagnosis and treatment, plus a whole lot more for just £11.90 a month. They’ll look at your claim to decide whether you were charged when you should have been covered.

We offer high quality, healthcare services at the same affordable cost for everyone. We’re a mutual, not-for-profit private healthcare provider focusing on the needs of our 820,000+ members. Comprehensive or treatment and full diagnosis covers all your treatment, including any diagnostic testing you undergo at private facilities. Additional support like mental health care, physiotherapy and full dental work may also be covered. EHIC has only ever covered emergency and necessary healthcare costs, so it is always recommended that you take out comprehensive travel insurance, including health cover, when you travel abroad. There are a few ways to lower the cost of your health insurance cover, but remember, a cheaper plan might not provide all the cover you need for your health and wellbeing.

Getting a price and paying for private medical treatment can be done in several ways. We’ll ask you for a swipe of your credit card when you register. This is to cover any insurance excess or shortfall your insurer is not liable to pay such as for sundry items. Your details will be kept securely for up to six months and we will notify you in advance if it’s necessary to use them. Our health insurance products are designed to be affordable and meet a diverse range of personal or business needs.