These include educating people directly,Trainingthem in their workplaces or schools, publishing our respected peer-reviewed journals or by providingAccreditationfor third-party health campaigns and training programmes. Significantly, we are also the UK’s leading OFQUAL/CCEA and Qualifications Wales regulated Qualifications Awarding Organisation in the field of public health. And, every day, hundreds of thousands of RSPH Qualified professionals fulfil vital roles – quietly and without fanfare – in communities the length and breadth of the country. Check where you can get advice about health and social care services. We support NHS staff at work, help people get the best care, and use the nation’s health data to drive research and transform services.

This competition invites applications for funding to implement solutions in late-stage development into front-line settings to improve early detection and diagnosis of cancer. Page Discover Data on the Gateway The Health Data Research Innovation Gateway (the ‘Gateway’) search engine or ‘portal’ provides a common entry point for researchers and innovators to discover and request access to health… Page Trusted Research Environments We are committed to enabling the trustworthy use of health data for research.

Page Research Publications We advance data science by funding research that uses data at scale and by enabling others in our community to do the same. Our vision is that every patient, clinical trial, biomedical… Page Our Scientific Priorities We are focusing our science strategy on priority areas that will have the maximum impact for the health of patients and populations across the UK.

4 April 2022 In January of 2022 the UK Data Research Alliance (the ‘Alliance’) published recommendations for a data use register standard. The standard outlines five recommendations to support data… But he insisted this could only happen if producers had support from international agencies, such as the WHO. The charity Birthrights conducted a year-long investigation into “racial injustice” in maternity care. NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard and Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid announced that the health service will build dozens more community diagnostic centres as part of the new elective care recovery plan. Hundreds of thousands of people suffering from insomnia who would usually be prescribed sleeping pills could be offered an app-based treatment programme instead, NICE has said.

Our team is committed to building deep and trusted partnerships and collaborations that will… This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the GooglePrivacy noticeandTerms of serviceapply. Chief Nursing Officer Professor Charlotte McArdle launches the implementation of the 2018 NMC Future Nurse education standards here in Northern Ireland. It is an almost complete set of “genetic instructions” from people who died when Mount Vesuvius erupted.

The Health app creates simple graphical charts so you can quickly review cycle length and variation. It also now uses heart rate data from Apple Watch to improve its predictions. The more informed you are about your health, the more empowered you are to take action. So you can see everything from how active you are to how much sleep you’re getting, and do what’s best for you.

Data collected from apps is stored alongside data from your Apple Watch and information you’ve logged directly on your iPhone. Everything is built to keep your data secure and protect your privacy. You can receive important notifications about your loved ones’ health and view things like their activity, mobility data, heart rate data and trends in the Sharing tab. Lack of NHS dental appointments widens health inequalities A new survey of public attitudes to NHS dentistry shows that half of the adults in England find dental charges unfair amid escalating living costs.

Tell us what matters to you, your organisation or your community and we’ll share our latest news, features and guidance. There are many ways you can get involved as a healthcare professional or a member of the public. Evidence-based recommendations developed by independent committees, including professionals and lay members, and consulted on by stakeholders.

Walking Steadiness is a metric that assesses your balance, strength and gait. Now you can get notifications if your walking steadiness is low or very low and you’re at an increased risk of falling. When you share your information, you have complete control over what you share and the people you share with. Support and treatment for Long Covid It’s easy to feel isolated and alone when struggling with Long Covid, but we are here to help to you find the support and treatment you need. Steps that can help people waiting for NHS treatment The latest figures from the NHS show that the number of people waiting for NHS treatment has increased by 180… The total number of monkeypox cases in England has now more than doubled to 56.