Here are 5 Benefits of Vegetarians for Health!

Here are 5 Benefits of Vegetarians for Health!
Here are 5 Benefits of Vegetarians for Health!

Vegetarians – As we all know that vegetarian is a term to refer to someone who only eats plants or vegetables. In general, they choose to avoid food products of animal origin although there are some types of vegetarians who still include animal-derived products in their menu.

They choose foods that come from plants or vegetables not without reason. However, because they know the various health benefits of vegetarianism. To know another information about art you can visit this site artisttoursgroup

Here are five benefits of vegetarianism based on the book Healthy Living a Vegetarian style written by Dydie Prameswari.

Extend life

Being a vegetarian means that we avoid high-fat foods which often contain bad cholesterol and various other diseases.

A study conducted in England for twelve years involving 6000 vegetarians and 5000 meat eaters found that vegetarians had the lowest risk of dying from cancer by 40%.

Healthy heart

Similar to the United States, heart disease occupies the first position in Indonesia in terms of taking lives. This fact is caused by the increasing consumption of fast food and junk food according to the demands of the times.

Journal of the American Medical Association magazine in 1961 conducted a study which resulted that a vegetarian diet could prevent blockage of the arteries of the heart by up to 97%.

Reducing the risk of getting cancer

The immune system of vegetarians is far more effective at killing tumor cells than the immune system of people who eat meat. This is the result of a study conducted in Germany.

This study reveals that vegetables protect vegetarians from prostate cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer.

Reduces the risk of constipation

As we know, fruits and vegetables that are a vegetarian staple are certainly rich in fiber. This fiber serves to facilitate the release of waste from our body. Eating by being vegetarian, we will be free from constipation.

Maintain body weight

Vegetable staple foods consumed by vegetarians generally contain much lower fat and calories than animal foods.

Vegetables and fruits also contain lots of fiber which is beneficial for the body. It’s no wonder that vegetarians avoid all the diseases associated with being overweight.

Here are five benefits of being a vegetarian. Hopefully useful for all of us, so that we become healthy and fit.

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