How to Choose the Right Breast Milk Bags

How to Choose the Right Breast Milk Bags
How to Choose the Right Breast Milk Bags

Breast Milk Bags- Ahead of the arrival of the baby, the Mother must feel very happy. So happy, Mother felt very excited to hunt various baby equipment and supplies. Everything is done to prepare the best for the baby, from clothes, adorable knick-knacks, and pacifiers. During hunting for baby equipment, don’t forget to buy equipment that will support the baby’s growth and development, such as a breast pump, right, Bun.

When you buy a breast pump, you also need to prepare a supply of breast milk bags that will later be used to store expressed breast milk. Actually, there are two types of breast milk storage containers, namely bottles and breast milk bags. However, most mothers choose breast milk bag because of their airtight design and equipped with a zipper system so that the durability of expressed breast milk is longer.

There are various kinds of breast milk bags that are sold in the market. This makes most mothers confused about which one to choose. Choosing a breast milk bag, should not be arbitrary, if you choose the wrong one, it will be dangerous and affect the quality of breast milk. To avoid this, you can listen to how to choose the right breast milk bag below. Let’s go, Bun!

How to Choose the Right Breast Milk Bag

Make sure the breast milk bag has passed various standard tests

Many breast milk bags are sold in the market, but not all of them are of high quality and pass various standard tests such as the SGS test, the Indonesian Ministry of Health, and the Sucofindo test. Standard tests carried out usually include inspection and verification of product quality, weight, and quantity. Make sure to choose a breast milk bag that has passed the standard test, so that the quality is guaranteed.

Choose a breast milk bag with a transparent design

Breast milk bags with colorful designs do look very attractive and adorable. Colored breast milk bags will make it difficult for mothers to control the quality of their baby’s milk. The color of expressed breast milk will be difficult to see, making it more difficult to give a true picture of how much is in or isn’t being pumped into the body.Well, you can make the transparent breast milk bag an option.

Choose a breast milk bag that is thick

This is very important to note, Bun. Breast milk bags that are thin will break easily and leak if dropped. When the breast milk bag leaks, the quality of the milk is no longer sterile. For that, you can choose a breast milk bag with thick material.

Choose a breast milk bag that can be connected to a breast pump

So that the quality of the pumped milk remains sterile, you can choose a breast milk bag with the direct pumping concept so that you don’t have to bother moving breast milk from container to container anymore. To know more about lifestyle choices you can visit this site vegetarianorganiclife