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Depending on the information your give, you might need to provide a urine or blood sample to be tested for a sexually transmitted infection. All information gathered during your consultation and any test results will be kept confidential. This means that the information won’t be shared with any other person or your GP, without your permission. Concerning how to conduct the health screening service, you can get tested by a clinician at your clinic on your own or along with a partner.

We are able to offer limited face to face appointments for urgent cases only. Please call us now for a telephone consultation or to make a booking! Our team of clinicians is always happy to arrange a discrete and confidential consultation or appointment for you.

Research is vital to improving the care that you receive when you’re unwell. You can help improve healthcare by taking part in research studies at our Trust. During your appointment, ask your healthcare professional about research. They’ll be happy to tell you about research studies you could be eligible to join. You do not need to be ‘out’ or open about your sexuality to get care. We are currently experiencing IT issues across the trust and our call centre is currently unable to take calls.

Get tested for coronavirus with our fast and highly accurate PCR test with same-day results. Whether you think you currently have COVID-19 or believe you may have had the virus in the last few weeks or months, we have a variety of affordable tests to help you find out your status. Highly-experienced team of private dentists, hygienists, and implant/orthodontic professionals using the very latest technology. Burrell Street provides Gardasil – an HPV vaccination, as a private service. For further information see the Gardasil page by clicking above. Sexual Health London offers a free STI testing service across most of London.

No matter where you live in the UK, we can offer you time with a doctor, nurse or pharmacist who all have expertise in helping women with the perimenopause and menopause. The Health Centre has 3 dedicated disabled parking bays close to the entrance for the benefit of patients who are holders of a Blue Badge. We also have a lift which enables you to easily access both levels. There are disabled toilets and the reception area is user friendly with a self check-in screen to help you speedily register your arrival for your appointment.

Trust us; our confidential appointments for patients ensures that no one will ever know that you had the infection in the first place! If you ask us about our genuine interest, it’s giving our patients the necessary support through the tests process and providing them with rapid treatment they can trust blindly. When you visit Broadgate GP sexual health clinic you can bring a chaperone for support, this can be anyone you want it to be such as friend or family member. This person can be with you during both the consultation and any examination or testing that you might require. During the consultation, you will usually be asked personal questions regarding your sexual history such as what contraception you use. You may also be asked about your sexual partners and sexual activity.

As a private sexual health clinic in London, Broadgate GP is perfectly positioned to serve patients throughout the bustling city, so if you find yourself searching for a ‘Private Sexual Health Clinic Near Me’. Whether it’s a dinner time appointment or a quick check before work, our same day sexual clinic is ideal for any working man or woman. There’s no doubt that a vital component of sexual health services is discretion, and we at Broadgate GP wholly respect and understand that. For that reason, our team can provide you with the discrete ‘sexual health London’ check service you require, arranging a discrete and 100% confidential appointment for you every time. We offer same day appointments via call or our private GP and walk-in clinic.

Whether men or women, once you face any symptoms accompanying the above sexually transmitted infections, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and to book the necessary appointments. Here at Broadgate GP and walk-in sexual health clinic in London, we also offer a range of methods of contraception advice and prescriptions for contraception. Our doctor can provide you with the right type of contraception for your requirements; whether that is for an emergency, condoms, the pill, an implant or another form of contraception. For information on sexually transmitted infections including symptoms and treatment, please visit the NHS website. The amount of time it takes for a sexual health testing to come back depends on what type of test you have carried out and what you’re tested for.

Whether you’re a regular patient or are simply wanting a one-off sexual health check, we can help. At Broadgate GP we offer STI testing options plus any advice, information or support you might need with sexual health – this also includes contraception, fertility and pregnancy. Our discreet, comprehensive sexual screenings and private STI and STD testing can be arranged at any one of our private clinics in London. We offer same day results and treatments and medications can also be dispensed in clinic.