List Of Vitamins

List Of Vitamins

You know you’ll find iron in meats, spinach, beans, and whole grains. Copper is present in shellfish, organ meats, whole grains, beans, and nuts, while zinc is present in oysters, red meat, and poultry. You’ll wish to avoid consuming too much of these meals at one time, but the true concern here is with iron supplements.


Vitamin D is made in the pores and skin when exposed to sunlight, or you will get it from the meals you eat. Paul R. Thomas, EdD, RD, scientific advisor, Office of Dietary Supplements, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD. Paul M. Coates, PhD, director, Office of Dietary Supplements, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD.

This applies only to niacin in supplements or fortified foods. You will not find the UL on meals diet labels or in your vitamin bottle. And there is a complete listing of nutrients with ULs on the end of this text. The six important vitamins are vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, water, and carbohydrates.

  • A balanced food regimen often supplies sufficient fats-soluble vitamins.
  • You could discover it harder to get sufficient vitamin D from meals alone and may contemplate taking a vitamin D supplement or a multivitamin with vitamin D in it.
  • Talk to your health care supplier about the proper supplement for you.

Nutrients are then absorbed by way of the wall of the small intestine. Rather than slipping easily into the bloodstream like most water-soluble vitamins, fats-soluble vitamins gain entry to the blood by way of lymph channels within the intestinal wall (see illustration). Many fat-soluble vitamins travel through the body solely beneath escort by proteins that act as carriers.

And even folic acid and vitamin C stores can last more than a couple of days. Vitamin D even lends a hand to an necessary mineral — it helps your body absorb the quantity of calcium it needs.

Contrary to well-liked perception, some water-soluble vitamins can stay within the physique for long periods of time. You most likely have several years’ supply of vitamin B12 in your liver.