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Inclusive access to Better at Home – an online library of over 1,500 on-demand fitness classes and workouts. If you’d like a bit more support and need some extra guidance about getting into physical activity, try our Give It A Go programme – included with any membership at no extra cost. If you or someone you care for has special dietary requirements, medical needs or an eating disorder, please seek advice from a registered healthcare professional. If you would like more information on eating disorders, Beat has lots of useful advice for adults and children. If you are overweight or living with obesity, lowering your weight can help reduce your risk of developing serious diseases. Complete our free quiz today to get your health score, along with personalised advice and simple tips for healthier living.

Ditch the hangover, lose weight, boost your energy and save some money while doing your body a lot of good. Use the free Try Dry app to track your units, calories and money saved, and earn badges as you go. Of adults with type 2 diabetes aged years are overweight or living with obesity. Get Hull Active is the website resource for the 10-year Physical Health strategy for Hull. Our experts will call to chat about your needs and review any existing health insurance policy you may have. We offer low-cost counselling to help you make sense of difficult experiences, deal with negative thoughts and feelings and help you make positive changes in your life.

For almost everyone, life in 2020 has been fundamentally different. It has prompted people to reflect on what really matters to them, with many of our audience refocusing on family, friends, and health. Recent research revealed that 80% of adults plan to make at least one change to their health and wellbeing in 2021. With gyms & leisure centres across the UK, we have great value memberships for Students, with no minimum contract and flexible ways to pay.

While our mental wellbeing can be improved by healthier eating and being more active, finding ways to improve our mental health can be the key to making other positive changes in our lives. If your goal is weight loss, it is recommended that physical activity is combined with healthy eating. Great value membership for seniors offering inclusive access to local gym, swimming pool and fitness classes. Get active No matter how active you are, physical activity is good for your body and mind. Aim to be active every day, the more you do the better you’ll feel. Try these tools, tips and special offers to get active and move more.

If you are a resident of Bury, you can access the Bury Lifestyle Service for stop smoking support and advice. We’ll help you reduce your alcohol intake or abstain for good. We support over 18’s drinking 14+ units of alcohol/week with our mix of 1-to-1/group sessions and digital support via our One You Lincolnshire app.