Organic Food is Healthier than Ordinary Food

Organic food is food that is grown or prepared using natural means rather than chemicals, additives, or genetic engineering.

An example of growing organic foods is that fruits and vegetables only use natural fertilizers, such as manure. Meanwhile, in the process of cultivating organic meat or fish without giving hormones or antibiotics.

Why Are Organic Foods Healthier?

There are several reasons behind the claim that organic foods are healthier than ingredients developed using conventional methods. Following are some of the reasons:

Organic food ingredients do not contain synthetic pesticides

Most organic foods do not use synthetic pesticides or chemicals to protect vegetables and fruit from fungi, pests, and insects. This type of pesticide is feared to contain more harmful chemical compounds.

Even if you use pesticides, organic vegetables and fruits will usually only grow using a small number of organic pesticides.

Organic food ingredients do not contain additives

Organic food is also not processed and processed with additives or ingredients. The additives referred to are preservatives, artificial sweeteners, coloring agents, and flavorings such as monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Organic foods ingredients are more environmentally friendly

Not only beneficial for health but organic processed foods are also more environmentally friendly because they can preserve water and soil from chemical contamination.

As an alternative, the cultivation of organic vegetables and fruits usually utilizes natural predators, such as ducks and chickens, to eradicate pests. This natural way is safer and no less effective for producing healthy and environmentally friendly organic food.

Organic food ingredients are more nutritious

Several studies have shown that organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables, contain more nutrients and antioxidants than conventional fruits or vegetables.

However, this is not enough to prove and still requires further research.

Is Organic Foods Really Good for Health?

Behind the various reasons above, you may still be wondering, do organic food ingredients really bring health benefits?

Until now, there is no definite answer to this because there is not much evidence to show that consumption of organic food actually brings more health benefits than conventional food.

In addition, there are also some consequences that you need to know if you eat organic food, namely:

  1. The price of organic foodstuffs is higher than conventional foodstuffs because organic farming and animal husbandry requires more stringent care methods to protect crops or livestock.
  2. Organic foods’ ingredients decompose faster because they do not contain preservatives.
  3. The shape, size, and appearance of organic foods are not as big and attractive as conventional foodstuffs. This is because it does not use certain chemicals to trigger the growth of plants or animals.
  4. Organic pesticides also contain harmful substances. One example is solanine. If accidentally ingested when consuming unwashed organic fruit or vegetables, these substances can cause food poisoning and cause digestive problems.