Regulating Charities Offering Complementary And Alternative Medicine Therapies

People often use complementary therapies to help them feel better and cope with having cancer and treatment. These terms are generally used to describe the use of conventional medicine and complementary therapies together. The terms are commonly used in the USA but are becoming more widely used in the UK. Some alternative therapies sound promising but the claims are not supported by scientific evidence. People often use complementary therapies to help them feel better.

We do not regulate nutritional therapists, nutritionists, and dietitians. Increasingly, health professionals regard integrated medicine as the healthcare of the future. The idea being that when you consult your GP, he or she might prescribe medication or send you to a specialist and may also refer you to a complementary therapist attached to the practice. On the other hand, complementary medicine or therapy describes treatments that can be used alongside conventional treatment, for example, osteopathy, Reiki healing, chiropractic and massage therapy.

Learn more about this procedure as an alternative treatment for dementia. The CAM sector conducts itself within a weak regulatory regime. The UK Government does not require CAM practitioners to be licensed to operate a business, enabling almost anyone to set up a practice.

Britons spend £130m a year on complementary treatments and it is estimated this will exceed more than £200m over the next four years according to The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health. The Macmillan Support Line offers confidential support to people living with cancer and their loved ones. They involve eating food that is raw, sugar-free and low in salt. Sometimes vegetable or fruit juices, and high doses of vitamins, minerals or enzymes are used. Other diets are based on claims that some foods feed cancer, or affect the pH levels of the body. There are a number of diets, in addition to the Gerson diet , that claim to treat cancer.

The best way to produce good evidence on a health treatment is to conduct a fair test. Here, the medicine or treatment being tested is compared to another treatment, or to a placebo. This means that when you use many conventional medicines, you can be sure there is evidence they work.

This is most obvious in an area like surgery, where there are known risks alongside the many obvious benefits. The table below lists some of the common herbal remedies used for treating mental health conditions. And common interactions with other medicines and other frequently used substances. This project will focus on patients receiving complementary therapies such as acupuncture and osteopathy, as well as physiotherapy. The results will ultimately allow patients to receive therapies in a way which means they have the greatest chance of success.

Among complementary therapists, the only ones that legally must be registered are osteopaths and chiropractors. Other complementary therapists can choose to become registered with their professional body. They may do this to show that they are qualified, and have met a national standard of practice. So, it’s a good idea to choose a complementary therapist who is registered with a professional body.

For an organisation to be charitable, its purposes must be exclusively charitable. Some purposes relate to health and to relieve the needs of the elderly and disabled. By submitting a comment you understand it may be published on this public website. Please read our privacy notice to see how the GOV.UK blogging platform handles your information. In 1996, scientists assembled a group of students and told them that they were going to take part in a study of a new painkiller, called “trivaricaine”. It is generally safe to have acupuncture if you’re pregnant although certain points should be avoided.

They promote ethical, responsible and professional complementary medicine. This is an independent regulatory body set up by the government. They set professional standards and a code of ethics that complementary therapists have to follow.

If you have been told by your doctors that the cannot be cured, you may find it hard to accept. Some people in this situation think about using an alternative therapy. However, if a cancer cannot be cured by cancer treatment, it will not be cured with an alternative therapy. Using some alternative therapies may not do any harm, but others could be very harmful. And some might possibly interact with some conventional medicines. If you’re pregnant, taking other medicines or have other health conditions you should always talk to your doctor before starting to use aromatherapy.