Sexual Health Clinic

And always remember that being able to identify and pinpoint these symptoms is the first step to a response of seeking treatment and restoring your sexual health. If you have participated or thought about any of the above, or for any reason are worried you have been exposed to an STI, talk to your healthcare provider about getting tested. If you’re suffering from any type of health problem and you’re based in the Centra London area, then be sure to book an appointment with a GP. Patients and visitors to St Mary’s Hospital may experience some disruption caused by nearby construction works for the Paddington Square development .

If it is advised that you need to attend clinic, an appointment will be made for you. Until further notice, access to our sexual health and contraceptive services is via telephone assessment. Our hospitals are making changes to helprespond to coronavirusand protect our patients, staff and visitors. There are many requests for services which are outside of our funding remit, and we have decided to offer those services to you privately.

Whether men or women, once you face any symptoms accompanying the above sexually transmitted infections, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance and to book the necessary appointments. Here at Broadgate GP and walk-in sexual health clinic in London, we also offer a range of methods of contraception advice and prescriptions for contraception. Our doctor can provide you with the right type of contraception for your requirements; whether that is for an emergency, condoms, the pill, an implant or another form of contraception. For information on sexually transmitted infections including symptoms and treatment, please visit the NHS website. The amount of time it takes for a sexual health testing to come back depends on what type of test you have carried out and what you’re tested for.

As a private clinic, unlike NHS services, we are able to fast track results meaning you can have some results the same day or within 72 hours. There are certain types of testing that take longer to come back, and you might be given preventive medication whilst you wait for your test results. We aim to have all test results back as soon as possible and as soon as we have your results and an accurate diagnosis you’ll know too. Our service offers free and confidential sexual health services for young people under 25 and Long Acting Reversible Contraception e.g.

We provide risk reduction interventions, sexual health advice, relationship, gender and sexual identity counselling. We can also address concerns around alcohol and recreational drug use in sexual settings. Referrals can be made to local psychosexual services for you. Come in and speak to one of the health advising team who can arrange an assessment. The Menopause Society brings together healthcare professionals from around the world to transform the care, treatment, education and research of the perimenopause and menopause. Our clinicians offer face-to-face, video and telephone consultations so you can book an appointment that is suitable and convenient for you.

At Broadgate GP, a discrete service is at the core of our functions. All our appointments are 100% confidential, so that should be your least concern. MyHealthcare Clinic is a doctor-led, private healthcare business providing personalized medical, dental, and specialist medical care of the highest quality, all under one roof. We make it faster, easier, and more enjoyable for you to access the healthcare services you need. From same-day appointments to our high-quality services, you can now access flexible healthcare that works with your lifestyle. We provide a holistic approach to your sexual health, relationship and contraceptive needs or if you’re just worried about something and need to talk.

Whether you’re a regular patient or are simply wanting a one-off sexual health check, we can help. At Broadgate GP we offer STI testing options plus any advice, information or support you might need with sexual health – this also includes contraception, fertility and pregnancy. Our discreet, comprehensive sexual screenings and private STI and STD testing can be arranged at any one of our private clinics in London. We offer same day results and treatments and medications can also be dispensed in clinic.

At Broadgate GP, we use the latest test methods to achieve accurate results for your sexual health service that can be trusted. You can count on our results to be reliable as could be, with no chance of error. If you’re in a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship, and both you and your partner were tested before entering the relationship, you may not need regular STI testing. But many people in long-term relationships weren’t tested before they got together. If that’s the case for you and your partner, it’s possible that one or both of you have been carrying an undiagnosed STI for years. We are a Private GP, therefore there is a charge for every appointment booked, to be paid on the day.