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Women’s Health Concern

June 11, 2022 jimmy 0

We also wanted to collate suggestions for improving access to information and education on women’s health. It is also worth noting that many of the questions in the survey were negatively phrased to test and quantify the assumption that women do not feel listened to within our healthcare system. While many of the narratives in this report do therefore focus on negative interactions with healthcare professionals, this should not be interpreted as a criticism of all healthcare professionals in England.

In this video Dr Petra Simic, our Director for Primary Care, explores the truth behind the menopause and its treatments, such as hormone replacement therapy . It is essential that every woman is looked at as an individual, assessing her symptoms and her risks with a professional to share the decision about the best treatment for them. Menopause specialists around the world are now found to be empowering women by … Read More