What are the root causes of mental illness?

Mental health disorder is a behavioral pattern that is linked to a high risk of pain, suffering, and disability. In every country, there are millions of people that suffer from one form of mental illness or the other.

Sadly, they do not get the proper help they need and thus put stress on their families and the general public. There are various types of mental illness that can all be said to result from various factors that would be explained in this article


Like many characteristics and traits, the mental disorder may be traced to past generations and are being passed on. So if you are in a family with such a history, then know that members of your family are at a higher risk of having members with mental-related issues although it might not be the one prevalent in the past.

Because one person in your family suffers from a mental disorder that does not necessarily mean that there are not steps that you can take to reduce the possibility of experiencing such challenges as an individual. Such measures you can take include a support system at home, exercise, and great nutrition. You could visit ReviewsBird.com to learn more on how to get started.

Fetal Damage

Some mental disorders can result even before an individual is born, this may be due to the substances and drugs taken by the mother during pregnancy that would result in the child developing a mental issue or going down with one later in life such as depression and anxiety. Infection can also affect a child’s mental state as the mother’s immunity is threatened by pathogens such as an adverse effect of the immune system trying to fight the virus

Lack of Nutrient

A nutrient-rich diet is vital to your general wellness and health. Your brain benefits from the essential nutrients generated from your dietary intake, most importantly sugar and most essential amino acids. When a child is denied these essential nutrients they may end up producing ketone bodies that damage the brain cells and result in mental illness. As a parent, you could try  finding help online, especially when you discover that your child is suffering any mental illness.


Trauma is caused by various factors such as an accident, a serious blow to the head, or excess thinking. Traumatic events that affect children are most critical as their brains have not fully developed. Areas that are mostly prone to this attack are the hypothalamus, limbic system, adrenal, and pituitary systems.

Damage to the Brain

A brain injury or damage that results either from physical injury or at birth can lead to a mental health disorder. Damage to the brain has been proved to lead to mental disorders such as psychosis, mania, depression, etc.

Abuse of Substances

The correlation between substance abuse and mental disorders is a known fact. Due to the pressure that most people face on a daily basis and the lack of knowledge, they tend to indulge in drugs that are self-prescribed and administered or turn to alcohol instead of seeking medical help when suffering from one mental illness or the other. Constant abuse of these substances may have an effect on the brain’s blood barrier. Thereby, allowing harmful toxins that could find their way into the brain to disrupt its chemical composition resulting in such individuals developing mental issues.


Some microbial infections especially viruses or bacteria can affect the brain and its overall chemical composition that may lead to a various health condition that affects the brain.

It is important to always remember that seeking medical help is the best way to treat any mental illness.