What Is Public Health?

If you do not complete the formal process of enrolment but, by your actions, are deemed to be undertaking activities compatible with the status of an enrolled student, UEL will formally enrol you and charge the relevant tuition fee. Such activities would include attendance in classes, use of online learning materials, submission of work and frequent use of a student ID card to gain access to university buildings and facilities. Late enrolment charges may be applied https://www.wikipedia.org/ if you do not complete your enrolment by the relevant deadline. In this module you will learn how to lead and manage your own research project on a health-related, discipline-relevant topic of your particular interest, and write a report on the findings. You will also learn how to apply key project management skill for the timely completion of your project, and how to analyse the contributions that an area of research makes to the existing knowledge base.

Students unfamiliar with computers will need to take the introductory course in basic computer skills. Term 2 (January – March)consists of a further ten weeks of teaching forC and D slot modules, plus a Reading Week in the middle of the term. Please read the ‘Guidance Notes for Applications ’before you complete your application. The link will take you directly to the University of London application portal.

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This degree aims to boost your chances of employability in the field of epidemiology, statistical analysis, public health training, public and social care, community health, and health care services. It is now acknowledged that health promotion at the individual level has little effectiveness and tends to amplify socio-economic differences in health. Moreover, epidemiological studies are post hoc and, particularly in the field of non-communicable diseases, may give results only many years after the introduction of potential hazards in the environment. Therefore, sophisticated community-based interventions are required to strengthen causal inferences as well as accurate and exhaustive ways to evaluate and summarize the evidence creating a bridge between research and public health. This module enables you to apply economic and political analyses to the design, implementation and management of public health policies. It explores the context of public and private healthcare organizations and NGO activities al local, national and international levels.