Why is Spain a good country for old people?

Retirement opens up endless options and possibilities for the elderly, and one of the most satisfying is travel. In fact, according to data published by the Barometer for the Elderly prepared by the Democratic Union of Retirees and Retirees of Spain (UDP), three out of ten people over the age of 65 go on pleasure trips, according to opinionesespana.es. And the trend continues to grow!

Why stay home when the rest of the family has decided to spend a few days outside, take advantage of a long weekend, or travel for the next vacation? Nowadays, means of transport and hotels also offer many facilities, so that our elders feel at home. And, of course, there are specific destinations where they feel bright and happy.


The tourist capital of Alicante and one of the most important in Spain can boost the concentration of several retirees and the elderly per square meter throughout the country. A destination of sun and beach that was concerned with offering interesting leisure options for the elderly and, at the same time, attractive proposals for young people. In Benidorm, there is everything for everyone. Of course, during the holidays it would be best not to forget the prostatricum for wonderful moments.


A destination for the elderly to visit especially in summer. Galicia is one of the few regions in Spain that escapes the continuous and very high temperatures this summer season. And we already know that heatstroke is very bad at certain ages. Spa areas and dream corners will also help your health.


The climate of Santander, the rich gastronomy, the good temperature, the elegance of the city, and the more and more options of this beautiful city in northern Spain make it another favorite travel destination with our elders.

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is one of the most interesting and popular tourist areas in Spain. Also, you need to know that it is one of the best places to retire if you are looking for beaches and warm weather. The Costa del Sol has more than 1.3 million inhabitants, a large expat community that is scattered throughout the Malaga region, from the luxurious Puerto Banús in Marbella to the lively beaches of Nerja, Benalmadena, and Fuengirola.

The Costa del Sol is perfect for retirees who want a lively and active lifestyle, especially those who enjoy a round of golf, given the province’s reputation as home to some of the best golf courses in the world. Spain and Europe.

Costa del Azahar

Walking along the coast, the Costa del Azahar, also known as the Costa del Fiori d’Arancio, is located in the province of Castellón and is made up of 120 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches and bays. Located just over an hour’s drive from Valencia, this golden coast enjoys the best weather in Spain and is a welcoming area for expats as well as an affordable option for retirees.

The population of the Costa del Azahar is lower than the Costa del Sol, which means that even in the capital you will be more relaxed.


Bilbao, a very loved Spanish city is located in Basque Country. Also, it is demonstrated that Bilbao is one place that elders must visit. Bilbao is also known for having one of the best health systems in Spain, making it a great choice for your retirement in Spain.